Parent Resources

Parents and guardians are an essential part of the education process. This was clearly demonstrated in March 2020 when thousands of schools across the U.S. and Idaho closed their doors. This document was created to support parents and guardians across Idaho as they continue to partner with their public and private schools in educating their children. The competencies were derived from several sources listed at the end of the document. The competencies, or what parents and guardians need to know and be able to do, were incorporated into the document to help support navigation.


Each competency includes some examples to help define and further explain the competency.  Resources, curated by Idaho educators, are linked below each competency. 


This document is a result of the work of a subcommittee chaired by Dr. Paula Kellerer, in conjunction with the work of the Digital Divide Taskforce convened by Gov. Brad Little.

Distance Learning Tips for Parents