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Facilities Master Plan

In January of 2018, the Trustees directed administration to compile a Facilities Master Plan for the district.  A committee comprised of staff, parents, civic partners, and patrons was formed to work collaboratively through the development of a Master Plan.  This team has been working to compile the data into information and the information into knowledge about the district’s facilities.  The team decided to start with an enrollment report developed by Cooperative Strategies 


Through this process, the district and committee realized they did not have the knowledge and skills on staff to develop a facilities master plan on their own. Therefore, they sought out partners to help guide the process and assist in developing a plan that was comprehensive in its review of the facilities. HPM Leadership was selected in June of 2020 to help guide the building of the facilities master plan. The supporting legs of the Facilities Master Plan have been identified as the following: Enrollment Report, Condition Analysis, and Educational Adequacy.  Ameresco was selected to capture and build a facilities condition report using their AssetPlanner tool.  


Two major documents were produced collaboratively to fulfill the Trustees assigned task.   


On this page, you will be able to review the information that was produced by this committee.   


  1. Nampa State of Schools 
    1. Comprehensive Report on Nampa School District Enrollment, Condition, and Educational Adequacy.  Pg. 2-23 
    2. Comprehensive breakdown on each school in the Nampa School District. 
  3. Master Facilities Plan and Recommendations 


Facilities Master Plan Timeline