Communicating with Parents

Communication from your Teachers and Schools

How does the district, school and your student's teacher communicate with you?
  • Email
  • Remind (beginning July 1, 2022, this will be ParentSquare)
  • Phone
Email communication comes from the NSD email account. Your teachers and administrators may communicate with you via email. The message will go to the email you use when you complete your student's registration in PowerSchool. If the information is inaccurate, please update it so you can receive all communication.
Do you need help setting up your account in PowerSchool? Watch this short video:
or use these assist articles to help you:

Remind App for Students and Families

Beginning July 1, 2022, NSD will use ParentSquare to communicate with families.

Nampa School District uses Remind for two-way communication between teachers and families. This allows for text, email, push notifications and phone calls.
Please note: Installation of the mobile apps is not required to receive text/phone calls. For more information, please review additional information below.

Additional Information

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If you would like to use the Remind app to receive these messages, you can also download the app for free by searching for Remind in your app store or

Mobile apps are available for Android and iPhone, however, they are not required to receive texts, emails or phone calls. 

Parent accounts are created automatically through PowerSchool. 
Parent connections are created automatically and linked through PowerSchool.
Accounts are created automatically. This means that when students are added or removed from classes in PowerSchool, that information is updated nightly in Remind. 
Remind sample first message
If you aren’t receiving messages or need to update where you are receiving messages, be sure your child’s school has your current contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address). To update your contact information please contact the secretary at your child’s school and provide the new contact information. You can also manage your notification preference if you are logged into the Remind website or using the Remind app by following these instructions.

Remind communications can be sent in multiple ways. If you would like to add devices to your account or turn channels on or off:

  1. Login to your account on the web ( or in the Remind app
  2. Navigate to your Account Settings (top left) and select
notification preferences
  1. Click Add Device to add additional phone numbers or email addresses
  2. Click on the On or Off button to turn notifications on or off from each device
Remind notification preferences
Voice calls from your child’s teachers will come from a Remind number. This number will remain the same each time the teacher calls, so please save this number in your phone under the teacher’s name. For more information on Remind voice calls, see here.
  •  iOS App
    • Once you are on the class, tap the class name on top. In Class settings, tap the red "Leave this class" button at the bottom of that screen.
  • Android App
    • Tap the 3 dots in upper right once you are in the class and then tap Class settings. Lastly, tap the red "Leave this class" button at the bottom of that screen.
  • Leave all classes owned by a teacher
    • Text @LEAVE in that teacher's thread
  • Leave a teacher's specific class (but stay in this teacher's other classes)
    • Text @LEAVE @"class code"
  • Leave ALL teachers' classes on Remind
    • Text @STOPALL
Click on your Account Settings, then Notification Preferences, and scroll down to the Receive calls checkbox. Uncheck the box.
Remind opt out of calls
Parents can reach out to the Remind support team through a support ticket or work directly with the district.