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PowerSchool Migration - October 4 and 5, 2018

What is happening? 

Nampa School District Information Services staff and PowerSchool Support Engineers will be moving PowerSchool to a hosted environment.  The new hosted environment will be managed by PowerSchool support allowing system administration functions to be outsourced to PowerSchool.   

We will need to take PowerSchool offline on Thursday, October 4th and Friday 5th to complete the migration. We expect PowerSchool be unavailable for the until Saturday, October 6th.   

What do I need to know? 

Your web browser bookmarks or favorites for PowerSchool logins will stop functioning.  Links on the district’s website PowerSchool will continue to work.  There is no change in functionality within PowerSchool available to staff, students, or parents with this migration.  This change will not affect the PowerSchool app functionality. 

The username and password you use to access the system will not change.  The change may prompt parents and students to log in again to the PowerSchool mobile app.  The district code for the setup of the PowerSchool mobile app will not change and will remain in place.  Instructions on setting up the PowerSchool mobile app or accessing PowerSchool Parent Portal can be found here:

Why are we doing it? 

As our systems and infrastructure age, we need to find new solutions to keep up the performance and reliability of PowerSchool. This migration is in-place of investing in new load-balancing and server hardware that we estimate would total over $50,000.  Without this new hardware, we start running a risk that PowerSchool may have an unexpected outage.   

This migration also enables us to have the framework in place to support the New PowerSchool  that Nampa School District will be implementing over the summer of 2019.