Special Education

If you believe your student may qualify for special education services, your first step is to contact his/her teacher and school principal. The school-based staff work closely with the family.

About special education services in our district

Special education generally refers to services provided to students age 3 to 21 with disabilities following specific state and federal laws and rules.

While not every child with a disability will require special education services, every child whose disability affects their school progress is entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) which meets their unique needs.

Special education is provided by the school district at no cost to parents. Most special education services are delivered at the child’s school and can include specially designed instruction and related services that meet the unique needs of an eligible student with a disability or a specific service need that is necessary to allow the student with a disability to access the general curriculum.  

The purpose of special education is to allow the student to successfully develop his or her individual educational potential. Along with providing services to the child, if necessary, services are provided to parents and to teachers for the student to benefit from special education.  


This is a program for children ages 3-5 with developmental disabilities. Children work on developing motor, language, speech, personal-social, self-help and pre-academic skills through play or structured activities. The children are given numerous opportunities to practice and learn together as a group with adults guiding the way.

Elementary School

At the elementary level, there is an emphasis on exposing students to a variety of experiences and environments. Instructional emphasis is on basic academic skills using motor, communication, social, and self-care as they occur within the context of domestic, community and recreation domains. In the early years, instruction is based primarily in the classroom and the school environment. Students are placed in one of the school districts’ programs housed at an elementary school.

Middle School

Instruction at the Middle School level is targeted on classroom learning, social integration skills and life skills. Students attend their neighborhood school where there is a strong emphasis on developing basic academic skills through functional age-appropriate activities in natural settings. At this level, the students practice pre-vocational skills.  

High School: RADD (Readying Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities)

The RADD programs help students prepare for life as an adult. Curriculum and activities include academies, community and pre-vocational exploration with an emphasis placed on developing levels of independence for daily living.  

PREP Program (Prepared Readiness for Employment Program)  

The PREP Transition Program is for students who have reached the age of 18 and have successfully completed four years of high school. PREP provides many opportunities to prepare students with developmental disabilities for the transition form school into adult life. The program explores and expands opportunities for young adults within an integrated age-appropriate setting. The State Department of Education for Idaho’s Special Education program’s website provides detailed information on state and federal law as well as useful links for parents.  

Our Special Education Program is coordinated by Jason Hillman. He can be reached at 468-4600.