Open Enrollment Program

The Nampa School District strives to be your district of choice. We offer open enrollment for all of our elementary schools, so you can request the school that is the best fit for your child. Open enrollment is available for parents residing in or out of the district boundaries. We also offer open enrollment to our secondary schools on a space-available basis.


Applications are available as follows:

Application Deadlines

Completed applications can be submitted as follows:

  • Email to Brenda Mattson
  • Fax to (208) 468-4638
  • Deliver via U.S. mail or in person to the District Office at 619 S. Canyon St., Nampa, ID 83686

Elementary open enrollment applications for the following school year are accepted at any time throughout the year. These applications are reviewed using the following schedule:

Submission Period                                                Principal Review

January                                                                 February

February 1-March 15                                            March 16

March 16-April 30                                            May 1

May 1-June 15                                                      June 16

June 16-July 1                                                      August 1

Note: If the deadline is a non-business day, the deadline will move to the next business day.

Applications received after August 1 for the current school year are reviewed as received and considered based on space availability at the requested school. These applications must meet the same criteria as applications submitted prior to August 1.

Secondary applications received January-April for the upcoming school year are reviewed in May. Applications received in May are reviewed in June. Applications received in June-July are reviewed August 1. Applications received from August-December for the current school year are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

Parents receive notification of the principal’s decision within 30 days following the review date as shown above.

Open Enrollment applications are required each year.  The district will contact parents in the spring of each year to renew their applications.

If a student is denied and wishes to apply again the following year, a new application must be submitted prior to the next school year.

General Information

This open enrollment policy does not apply to specific programs that have their own enrollment procedures such as, but not limited to, magnet and/or alternative schools. 

A pupil under suspension or expulsion is ineligible for consideration for open enrollment.

For students with special needs, the district of residence agrees to terms outlined in a district-to-district contract specifying tuition, supplemental support services, and transportation as required by Public Law 101-476, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. This pertains only to out-of-district students.

When the student's parents are divorced, have joint custody, and one parent lives in the Nampa School District or both parents live in different attendance zones in Nampa, the student is allowed to attend the school in which one parent resides as long as the intent is to stay for the entire year and a copy of the joint custody document is on file at the school office. An open enrollment application is not required.

Staffing Ratios

The following guidelines are used to determine elementary school capacity and consideration of open enrollment applications:

Grade-Level Student-to-Teacher Ratio

K          22:1

1st         23:1

2nd        24:1

3rd        25:1

4th        27:1

5th        27:1


Transportation of open enrolled students is the parent’s responsibility.  However, open enrolled students may ride a bus to and from school if parents transport the student to an existing zone bus stop within the boundary of their requested school and if there is room for the student on that existing zone bus route.

It is the parent’s responsibility to contact Brown Bus Company to determine availability, bus stop location and route information. Transportation for open enrollment students will not be provided until a determination can be made whether or not space is available on a particular bus. This determination may not be made until after the first 2-3 weeks of school.

Reasons to Apply

Parents/guardians may decide to apply for open enrollment for their child(ren) for many different reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • The student has siblings who are attending, or who have attended, the requested school.

  • The student’s parents have purchased or leased residential property and are requesting advance attendance for the student as part of a move into the district or attendance zone.

  • The student’s parents have moved during the school year and the student has requested to finish the school year in the same school. The parents should discuss the possibility with the Building Administrator. If the request can be granted, the Building Administrator should contact the district office to have a form available for the parents to fill out.

  • Proximity to the parent’s work, student’s home or child care location.

  • Special circumstances, which may include changes in attendance boundaries, student safety, as an intervention, etc.


• Applications may be denied for one or more of the following reasons:

• A school, grade or program has lack of available space and/or staff.

• The student has been suspended or expelled from school. 
The student
   has a documented history of poor attendance, late arrivals, early or late
   pickups and/or disciplinary infractions at their home campus.

• The student is applying solely with the intent to participate in an extra-
   curricular activity at the receiving campus.