September 2017

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the September 12, 2017, regular meeting. 

Work Session

The board discussed the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan and Academic and Scholastic Achievement Reports. The trustees and the superintendent also discussed what indicators should be used to monitor the progress of the district and whether the ISAT was sufficient.  The plan and reports can be found here.


Chair Allison Westfall called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Also in attendance: Trustee Kim Rost, Trustee Mandy Simpson and Trustee Mike Fuller.

The Board and audience recited the Pledge of Allegiance following presentation of the flag by Boy Scout Troop 112.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Rost reported that the Audit Committee met once and will meet again in early October. She also reported on the Facilities Committee, which met again to discuss strategic future planning. Chair Westfall reported that she signed the bond refinance documents and that she attended the Boise School District board meeting Monday.


A. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting - August 8, 2017
B. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting - August 16, 2017
C. Approval of Minutes: Board Work Session - August 17, 2017
D. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
E. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
F. Canyon County Statement of Receipts - July 31, 2017
G. Information Services Disposal of Surplus Equipment - September 2017
H. Authorization to Open Bank Account for Treasure Valley Leadership Academy
I. Approval of Tomorrow's Hope Contract


College and Career Readiness Report: Scott Parker, executive director of secondary education, reported that:

  • 4,173 students were served in 2016-2017 by College and Career Readiness programs.
  • The district’s Go On rate was 43 percent in 2015 and 40 percent in 2016. Within a year of graduation, those numbers were 48 percent and 44 percent.
  • 64 percent of students in 2017 reported that they planned to go on to a two- or four-year institution.
  • 365 students graduated with a career technical certificate.
  • Nampa led the state with 7,164 credits earned in 2016-2017.
  • High school career guidance counselors are working with middle school counselors to help kids bridge from middle school to high school.

K-12 Perception Data Presentation: Superintendent Paula Kellerer presented highlights of the climate survey data collected spring of 2017. Parents, staff and students were polled on their schools’ climate and learning environment (overall school quality; academic support; student support; school leadership; family involvement; safety, behavior and bullying; school operations; and faculty relations and support). Survey results are posted online. Dr. Kellerer noted that when compared to other schools across the nation, staff and student responses were more positive; parent comments were lower. She also pointed out that only 13 percent of parents participated in the survey. Overall, positive responses are on an upward trend, possibly indicating a forward focus after the financial crisis. Discussion ensued regarding the cost of continuing the survey ($25,000) and possible options for replicating it at the district and/or state level. The board discussed the importance of collecting similar data in order to compare results year to year. Chair Westfall said school level reports would be available on the website and encouraged trustees to contact Director of Community Relations Kathleen Tuck to review parent, staff, and student responses to the “What does this school do well and what could this school do to improve” responses.

Continuous Improvement Plan: The board had no additional questions after the plan was reviewed in the work session. The plan is posted online.

Ballot Language Regarding Petition to Cede to Vallivue School District and Assumption of Vallivue Tax Rate: The Board approved ballot language for a November election on a property transfer from the Nampa School District to the Vallivue School District. Idaho law provides a complex process for patrons who want to alter district boundaries. Some patrons living in the northernmost area of the district began the process last year by petitioning both school boards. In spring, a state hearing officer held a public hearing for residents and later presented her findings to the State Board of Education about whether the change would be in the best interest of the children, and whether the Nampa School District’s bond levy would exceed limits in law. The State Board of Education authorized the election to be held. A supermajority of residents in the affected area must agree to the transfer and to assume the Vallivue tax rate, which is higher than the Nampa rate. Both Nampa and Vallivue boards had earlier chosen to take a neutral stance on the transfer and acknowledged residents’ right to decide. Tuesday, Nampa trustees expressed their hope that residents will vote to stay with the Nampa School District and expressed a desire that should the transfer pass, district and school administrators will work with families who choose to continue to enroll their children in Nampa schools.

Supplemental Levy Ballot Language: The Board unanimously authorized a Nov. 7 election asking voters to renew the district’s supplemental levy raising $9,375,000 in 2018-19 and 2019-20. If the election is successful, the Board’s plan is to lower the overall district property tax rate from 4.48 to 4.37 ($4.48 per $1,000 in taxable home value to $4.37 per $1,000 in taxable home value). Because of new construction and increased values, this will generate a total of $9,375,000. The levy would support current programs and services, maintain certificated teaching positions, enhance and update technology, provide additional support for activities, athletics, music and performing arts programs, and provide for building and playground upgrades, among other needs.

Emergency and Judgment Levy: The district did not qualify for an emergency levy because of attendance growth. The district’s preliminary estimates are that it will see a decrease of 50 to 60 students. Finance Director Randy Dewey said the district had planned for an increase but can handle a decrease.

Monthly Budget Status Report: The budget report is available online. Finance Director Randy Dewey presented highlights of the report and asked the board to consider what information they would like to see in the presentation each month.


Trustees discussed moving forward with updating its policies for governance and operations. In the area of governance, the Board had been transitioning from Policy Governance to Balanced Governance, but there also was a desire expressed to develop Nampa governance policies. Chair Westfall said the October work session would be used to begin to develop these policies and Trustee Fuller suggested three policies to start with.

The district also has been updating policies using the Idaho School Board Association policy review service. Trustees discussed proposed 6000 services policies and approved them for first reading.

A first reading of Revised Policy GP-2G Agenda Planning was approved. Chair Westfall said the agenda was changing as the board transitioned away from Policy Governance to a different governance model and asked for feedback on how the agenda should be structured. Trustee Fuller said the proposed agenda structure appeared to be too focused on business items and needed to include academic achievement every month. He suggested a monthly update on the Continuous Improvement Plan. He also shared that he liked trustee comments at the beginning and end of the meeting. 


Nampa Education Association Comments: NEA president Terri Bentley noted several upcoming events, including professional development of Sept. 19 and 21, a master teacher premium workshop, a barbecue for first- and second-year teachers on Sept. 22, and a teacher trivia night on Oct. 17. She also noted that teachers do not have contracts yet. Director of Human Resources assured her that contracts would be available in a couple of weeks. She also expressed concern about a comment made earlier in the meeting about the possibility of students naming influential teachers in the annual campus climate survey, noting that it could become a “popularity contest.”

Board Assessment of Meeting: Trustee Mike Fuller rated the board’s performance as satisfactory.

Upcoming Meeting: 7:30 p.m. October 10, 2017

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.