July 2017


The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the July 11, 2017, regular meeting. All documents are available at, under “Board of Trustees.”

6:30 p.m.

Board Workshop: The board discussed the proposed donation of the former St. Al’s hospital property located at 1512 12th Ave. in Nampa. After reading the “Donation Agreement” created by St. Alphonsus and the district’s attorneys, trustees expressed concerns regarding the possibility of lead paint and asbestos in the building mentioned in the agreement. The district would be required to take the building “as is.” They also discussed the cost of demolishing the existing portico, closing costs, restrictions on allowed uses of the building once the district took ownership, and parking (current parking included with the donation falls 250 spaces short). They also wanted time to discuss how the building would fit into the district’s strategic plan. An additional, longer, work session will be scheduled to continue the discussion.

7:30 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Welcoming of Guests: Chairman Mike Fuller welcomed new Superintendent Paula Kellerer and new Trustees Allison Westfall (Zone 3) and Kim Rost (Zone 4).

The new trustees were sworn in and the board was reorganized. Trustee Allison Westfall is the new chair; Trustee Janelle Stauffer is the vice chair; District Finance Director Randy Dewey will continue as treasurer; and Board Clerk Tammy Wallen will continue in her position. Meetings will continue to be held at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at the District Office located at 619 S. Canyon St., Nampa. Trustee Mandy Simpson will serve on the Preston Capell committee.

Public Comments: Three people signed up to speak about plans for the district’s Scism School property located at 8444 Dearborne Rd. They were given the opportunity to speak when that item was addressed on the agenda (see below).

Trustee Simpson led the board in recitation of the district’s Mission and Vision statements.


Nampa Personalized Learning Update: Director of Information Services Peter Jurhs gave an update on NPL. Dell is collecting the laptops used last year at Columbia and is replacing them with 3189 2-in-1 laptops that will address some of the problems experienced this year. He also noted that interns have been wiping device memories and preparing them for reuse this coming year. About 100 Dell computers and 83 iPads were damaged, a 3.5 percent rate (lower than the expected 7 percent). New devices for the schools coming on board this year should be delivered soon. Jurhs also noted that language in the insurance agreement has been clarified regarding what is covered and what isn’t. He also reported that students in all grades will be allowed to put individualized stickers on their devices to allow them to differentiate their device from those of other students. Trustee Fuller asked how we are making sure the devices are assisting learning. Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell reported that projects involving the devices are leading to high student engagement. He suggested the district could survey students to get a better idea of how they are benefiting from the program. Trustee Westfall said there had been concerns in the planning stages of NPL that some children would not have access to Wi-Fi at home and she asked about the success of Columbia High School's mobile hotspots. Peter Jurhs described the checkout program as one that worked well and that East Valley was considering this. He noted that the district also was purposeful in identifying programs that could be used offline by students.

Idaho School Board Association Membership Renewal: The board voted to renew membership in the ISBA at a cost of approximately $18,000, noting that the association offers a number of valuable resources.

School Lunch Price Increase: The board approved a 10-cent increase in school lunch prices, which is still very reasonable compared to neighboring district. Only one nearby district charges less for lunch. The increase will help cover rising costs.

Approval of Leadership StipendNampa School District was allotted around $364,000 from the state, similar to last year. Allocation was informed by a district committee, with a little more going to buildings this year, and more per-pupil allocation. Trustee Westfall noted the law describes the categories for leadership stipends including a section for district priorities and she asked what NSD’s priorities were. Human Resources Director Rachelle Armstrong said among district’s priorities this year are mentoring and peer mentoring, as well as hard-to-fill positions. 

Approval of Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Settlement: The board approved a settlement between the FCC and the State of Idaho regarding the E-Rate Program. The state and various districts will be able to continue using the program in exchange for a payment from the state to the FCC of $3.5 million.

Scism Property: In response to a lease invalidated at last month’s meeting for the use of the district’s property on Scism Rd., the board discussed how to proceed with the parcel. Trustee Stauffer suggested a committee be convened to discuss how the property could be used to assist homeless students. Trustee Simpson suggested a broader committee looking at all appropriate uses for the building, as well as other future building needs districtwide. Trustee Fuller said he had requested information from the district’s legal counsel regarding what the district could legally do with the property.

Travis Lowber addressed the board and handed them a list of concerns from neighbors stemming from a prior plan to use the property as a shelter for homeless teens. Diana Schulz and Pat Williams declined to comment after hearing the board’s discussion. 

Trustee Kim Rost volunteered to sit on a district committee to discuss the property.

Teacher Supply Card Issuance Process:  Finance Director Randy Dewey reported that supply cards will be issued to teachers in the fall for up to $150. The cards will be monitored for proper usage.

Monthly Budget Status ReportFinance Director Randy Dewey reported on the budget, noting that the district has met its 5 percent reserve goal. As many funds as possible are being made available to help students succeed. Trustee Westfall asked about how the district would use end-of-the-year savings toward its priorities and whether funds would be available for board training after reports that the Board had overspent its training budget.

Consent Agenda: Trustees voted unanimously to approve the Consent Agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – June 13, 2017

2. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting – June 13, 2017

3. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report

4. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports

5. Canyon County Statement of Receipts – May 31, 2017

6. IT Disposal of Surplus Materials

7. Approval of Preston Capell Loan Award

8. Signature Authority Update


Balanced Governance Implementation Process: Superintendent Paula Kellerer suggested that any further reading of the Balanced Governance proposal be put on hold until the board had the opportunity to read through the sizable document. A workshop will be scheduled allowing the board to read and discuss the document.


Second Reading and Final Adoption of Revised Ends Global Policy: Adopted by the board.

Second Reading and Final Adoption of Policy #3280 Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity: Adopted by the board.


Nampa Education Association Comments: No representative was available to comment.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Mandy Simpson again welcomed the two new board members and Superintendent Paula Kellerer. She expressed that she is excited at the direction the district is headed and thanked Trustee Mike Fuller for his service as chair over the past year. She also said she would love to have a potluck in order to encourage strong relationships. Trustee Fuller said he is looking forward to trading roles with the new chair, Trustee Allison Westfall. Trustee Westfall said she would love to see a list of activities across the district that trustees could attend in order to be more visible and accessible. 

Board Assessment of Meeting: Trustee Janelle Stauffer rated the board as “satisfactory.”

The next Regular Meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 p.m.