June 2017


The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the June 13, 2017, regular meeting. All documents are available at, under “Board of Trustees.”

6:30 p.m.

Budget Workshop: Director of Finance Randy Dewey presented the details of the 2017-2018 district budget.

7:30 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments: Several people signed up to speak about the district’s lease agreement between The Community Builder and the Scism School property located at 8444 Dearborne Rd. Comments were heard when that item was addressed on the agenda (see below).

Trustee Reports: Trustee Janelle Stauffer reported that the Preston Capell committee awarded $65,800 in interest-free educational loans to 14 applicants wishing to pursue college or vocational studies. The fund was launched years ago with a $180,000 donation by former Nampa mayor Preston Capell and has now grown to more than $300,000. 


Co-Teaching for English Learners: Director of Curriculum and Instruction Shelley Bonds and Administrator of Compensatory Services Heidi Rahn presented on the district’s Co-Teaching program for English language learners. The program was established following an audit that showed the district was negligent in its support for English language learners. The program currently is active in 15 schools. The district served more than 970 EL students last year, 1,200 this year and expects to reach 1,400 students next year in 16 schools. The district is working through a five-year grant aimed at getting more teachers to earn their ENL endorsement with a goal of 8-10 teachers per year. They also showed data supporting growth in student achievement tied to the program, and said that students report that they are learning better and are more successful with two teachers.

Scism School Future Use

Teresa Short, executive director of The Community Builder, gave a presentation about the group’s plans to open a transitional housing facility for unaccompanied homeless youth in the Nampa School District. Plans include housing and educational programming for 20 youths ages 16-17 at the district’s Scism School property. Deeded to the district in 1908 by the Scism family for “school use,” the property was most recently used as a teen parent school but has been used for storage for the past several years. Ms. Short noted that program participants would be identified by the Nampa School District’s homeless liaison and the facility would be staffed around the clock by licensed and certified staff, with the help of volunteers and interns. Students would be transported by bus to school and other activities. Several residents of the neighborhood and the greater Nampa community spoke for and against the proposal. Comments focused on the need for these types of services for homeless youth, and nearby residents’ concerns about security, liability and the suitability of the location.

Following public comment, trustees voted 3-1 to invalidate a lease currently in place between The Community Builder and the Nampa School District based on the fact that it had not been presented to the board prior to it being signed. The Community Builder is still free to continue negotiations with the district, but was encouraged to pursue the feasibility of getting appropriate permits and licensing. Trustees Brian McGourty, Bob Otten and Acting Chair Mandy Simpson voted to invalidate the lease. Trustee Janelle Stauffer voted nay.

Nutrition Services Bid Award: Director of Nutrition Services Sheila Keim reported on the district bid award to purchase bread, milk and dairy products, and paper and cleaning products. Trustee Bob Otten asked about a bid for Coke products and Ms. Keim reported Coke is sold a la carte on several campuses. Trustees voted unanimously to approve the bid award.

PrimePay Flex Expense Account: Director of Finance Randy Dewey reported that the district has been directed to open a new account at DL Evans Bank to manage flex account deposits. PrimePay will still administer the program, but the district will manage the cash. Trustees voted unanimously to approve the request.

Update on Petition to Cede to Vallivue School District: Executive Director of Secondary Education Scott Parker, acting as Superintendent, reported on the petition to cede a section of NSD to the Vallivue School District. Following a community hearing, a hearing officer from the State Department of Education has forwarded the request to the State Board of Education. The board will determine whether or not to put the request to a vote of residents in that area.

Monthly Budget Status Report: Trustee Brian McGourty questioned what looked like a deficit in the monthly budget. Finance Director Randy Dewey explained that the report did not include tax revenue from July and August. Once that is received and recorded, the numbers will be in the black.

2017-2018 Budget Adoption: Trustees voted unanimously to approve the 2017-2018 budget, which they reviewed earlier during the Budget Workshop. Acting Chair Mandy Simpson noted that the district did not have to borrow money to make it through the year, calling it a “success.”

Consent Agenda: Trustees voted unanimously to approve the Consent Agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – May 5, 2017 
2. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – May 8, 2017 
3. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting – May 9, 2017 
4. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – May 25, 2017 
5. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – May 31, 2017 
6. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report 
7. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports 
8. Canyon County Statement of Receipts – April 29, 2017 
9. Acknowledgement of Enrollment Report – June 2, 2017 
10. Approval of Athletic and Activity Schedules for the 2017-2018 School Year – Columbia, Nampa and Skyview High Schools 
11. Approval of Recommendation of the Preston Capell Loan Committee 
12. Approval of Idaho Arts Charter School Performance Certificate 
13. Approval of Gem Prep Charter School Performance Certificate 


Nothing on the agenda

POLICY REVIEW: Trustees voted unanimously to approve all policy items listed below.

A. Third Reading and Final Adoption Open Enrollment Policy
B. First Reading Revised Ends Global Policy
C. First Reading Policy 3280 Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity


A. Nampa Education Association Comments: No one from NEA was present.
B. Superintendent Comments: No comments
C. Trustee Comments: Acting Chair Mandy Simpson thanked Executive Director of Secondary Education Scott Parker for his work as acting superintendent and for the administration for its assisting the Board with information and support. Trustee Janelle Stauffer recognized Trustees Bob Otten and Brian McGourty for their many years of service on the Board. Trustee Otten spent four decades as an elementary school teacher (37 of those at Sunny Ridge Elementary School) before being appointed to the board in 2012, and then winning a seat during the 2013 election. Trustee McGourty served twice – first from 1991-2000 and again from 2013-2017. His experience running his practice, Eyecare Associates of Nampa, was invaluable to the district as they worked through the recent financial crisis. Both trustees were presented with a plaque recognizing their contributions.
D. Board Assessment of Meeting: Trustee Bob Otten gave the board a “satisfactory” rating. 
E. Next Regular Meeting is schedule for 7:30 p.m. July 11, 2017
F. Executive Session: The board recessed into executive session at 8:55 p.m. to discuss “real property which is not owned by a public agency.”

 The Board resumed open session at 9:50 p.m. and adjourned.