November 2016

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is the summary of the Nov. 8 public hearings and regular meeting.



No one signed up to speak about the increase in price for full priced meals.

Nutrition Service Director Sheila Keim answered questions from trustees and explained that federal “paid lunch equity” law require an increase in prices. The district cannot charge full-pay students less than the amount it is reimbursed by the federal nutrition program for free lunches. Elementary lunch will increase from $1.95 to $2.05, an increase of 5%. Secondary lunch will increase from $2.25 to $2.30, an increase of 7%. Action on the increase was later in the regular meeting.


Three individuals spoke at the hearing Pathways Representative Jill Wells and Pathway Board of Director members Drey Campbell and Terry Ryan. Other board members include Sara M. San Juan and Maria Mabbutt.

The three answered questions from trustees about the governance of the school, the results of other Pathways schools in the United States, the instruction model, staffing and facilities.

Superintendent Peterson said the final revised Pathways Charter documents will be available the following week for trustees to review prior to a vote in December about whether to authorize the new school to open in fall 2017.


Four of the trustees will be attending the Idaho School Boards Association meetings Nov. 9-11. Trustees discussed ISBA proposed resolutions that will be voted on by members. The Board took no action but discussed items around funding, the supermajority required to pass bonds, clarifying procedures for authorizing executive sessions, hiring retired teachers, and increasing funding for classified positions.



Nampa High

Nampa High School teachers Christina Wilkens, Printmaking, and Nadia Housel, Spanish 4, provided an overview of a collaborative project between their classes to write and illustrate Legends and then share the work with the community in a Dia de Nampa event in late October.

Several students shared what they learned in the project. Students participating were:

Printmaking students: Samantha Meske, Mikey Green, Soran Hernandez, Alexis Osuna, Jacqueline Rojas-Rangel, and Jacqueline Bernal Ramirez.

Spanish 4 students: Eleanor Straight, Camren Taylor, Sierra Hinojosa, Marlon Villatoro, Juan Duarte, Nestor Dardon, Alan Ruiz, Alexis Gallegos, and Rafael Vázquez.


Freshman Tylar Hendricks shared a report on her experience as a Kid Science Advisor to the White House in late October.


District teacher Michele Tanberg signed up to discuss the Student Engagement Policy.  


Trustee McGourty reported he shadowed a Lone Star Middle School sixth grader for a day and he was impressed with the culture in the building.


School lunch prices – Trustees approved the proposed price increase.

Pathways in Education – The item was discussed extensively in the public hearing. Superintendent shared the final revised petition would be available next week.

Monthly Budget Status Report

In this report, the Board receives a monthly budget report and budget to actual report. In addition in its Consent Agenda the board reports detailed spending reports for Accounts Payable and Student Activity funds. 

Superintendent Peterson said the timing of the Board meeting resulted in delay in the report being posted for trustees.

Trustee Simpson asked about two large expenditures from Nampa and Skyview high schools. Finance Director Randy Dewey said he would research and respond to trustees.

Superintendent Peterson shared an answer to a question asked before the meeting about the increasing purchasing card charges. He noted that use of the card is preferred because it better tracks information about the costs.

Consent Agenda

The board approved its Consent Agenda which included the following items:

Also in the Consent Agenda materials are:


Book Study – Trustees continued their discussion from October of “Evaluating CEO and Board Performance,” by John and Miriam Carver. Next month, trustees decided to read and discuss “Implementing Policy Governance and Staying on Track.”


Board Response to Monitoring Report, Policy E-2B Scholastic Achievement -- Last month, the Board received a written report and presentation on Policy E-2B Scholastic Achievement. Prior to the November meeting, trustees, via Survey Monkey, submitted individual responses to the report and submitted commendations and concerns for consideration by the entire Board for inclusion in the evaluation of the superintendent.

The Board approved the following motion:  the district is making reasonably reasonable progress toward achieving the desired results called for in E-2B, but a greater degree of progress is expected in the following areas:

  1. On-time and extended graduation rates;
  2. Percent of CTE students becoming capstone completers; and
  3. Percent of high school graduates continuing their formal education.

Trustees discussed items to include in the Superintendent’s evaluation and items to be considered in revising the policy in December.


Travel and Reimbursement Board and Superintendent – Trustees discussed this briefly and the item will be on the agenda for December.

Following the ISBA Summer Leadership Institute Chairman Fuller requested that the Board discuss the reimbursement process for Trustees. There is also the need to seek clarity on who approves reimbursement and travel requests for the Superintendent. 

Ends/Superintendent Limitations Policy Review -- Trustees approved:


Nampa Education Association – Representative Jaime Hoesing shared with trustees that NEA leadership is learning more about policy governance and has asked for access to the materials the Board is studying. She shared that teachers worked hard to get report card completed for conferences which was hampered by problems with PowerSchool.

Superintendent Comments – No comments.

Trustee Comments

Trustee Simpson asked about technology problems in the schools. Superintendent Peterson shared that the district is methodically reviewing its systems including PowerSchool.

Trustee Stauffer shared that she appreciates the work of the Board in reviewing its process and policies.

Board Assessment of Meeting  

Trustee Stauffer rated the overall meeting as satisfactory with some areas that could have been rated higher.

Upcoming Meetings

December 13, 2016 7:30 pm