Choose Nampa!


We are accepting  applications for out-of-district students and in-district transfers for 2017-18 school year and for the current school year.

How do families choose a school?

It’s easy!

  • If you choose your neighborhood school, no special action is needed. Look up your school HERE.

  • If you want to choose a different school or you don't live in our district, just apply through "Open Enrollment."

    Click here to download the application.  

  • If you want to choose one of our charter schools, innovation schools, or magnet school, click these links:


If you have questions, call Brenda Mattson at the District Office, 468-4601 ext. 1080, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or email her.

Why Choose Nampa?

Last year, we asked parents why they would recommend the Nampa School District.
Here's what they told us:


What else makes Nampa School District stand out?

Nampa Personalized Learning -  In the next three years, all of our elementary and secondary schools will be infused with modern technology for classroom use either an iPad or a laptop.  Under the careful supervision of highly trained teachers, "screen time" will be transformed into high quality learning time.

High quality, standards-based instructional program -- Thanks to our community, we are investing in new curriculum for in every subject for every student. We started with English Language Arts and in 2017-18  it is math. The other subjects will be updated  in the next four years.

Getting a head start on careers & college -- Nampa offers one of the best Career and Technical Education Programs in Idaho. CTE pathways coupled with the opportunity to earn college credit in 80 different classes while in high school make our high schools a great place to prepare to "go on" after graduation. Learn more about both opportunities in these short videos:

Highly qualified, caring teachers -- We employ a dedicated faculty who enjoy working with your children and are focused on improving teaching and learning. We invest in professional development to ensure our teachers are equipped to support high levels of learning and to support students who may struggle. Every week, teams of teachers in every school meet in Professional Learning Communities to focus on student learning.

One of our teachers shared why she loves working in Nampa:

Great Extra Curriculars: Sports, Music, Service & More All our schools offer a well-rounded educational program that includes regular physical education and music instruction taught by specially trained teachers. We partner with our community arts organization such as the Boise Philharmonic to ensure student get an opportunity to experience the arts first hand. Our elementary schools also offer other "specials" such as technology, art, library, etc. As students advance, the opportunities to participate expand to competitive sports and other activities such as drama, speech and debate, and more. Students also have the opportunity to service their community through leadership classes and clubs.



Class sizes
– The class size standards are the same for all the district’s  schools. Class sizes may fluctuate in specific grade levels because of neighborhood growth or demand for a specific course.

Nutritious meals
All our schools provide students access to nutritious and delicious choices for breakfast and lunch including fresh fruit and vegetable bars. Meals are prepared by our award-winning nutrition services team. Breakfast is free at all our schools. And lunch is free at Centennial; Central; Endeavor; Iowa; Greenhurst; Park Ridge Elementary; Sherman Elementary and Snake River Elementary.