March 2016

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the March 8, 2016 meeting. The next regular meeting will be April 12, 2016.


No changes were made to the published agenda.


Iowa Elementary School Principal Chance Whitmore introduced Technology Instruction Janette Rickman and some members of her student tech team including: Sofia Sanchez Chapman, Riley Redmon, Faith Wooden, Alex Baca, Tim Hebdon, and Mary Garner. Students on the team help younger students with technology, work on coding projects including the school’s December “Day of Code” activities and other computer-related project. Team members not present are Ryan Dennis, Anthony Vasquez, and Isabella Main.


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Trustee Fuller discussed at STEM program at Columbia High School.


  • Director Hiring Status – Superintendent Peterson said the district would be interviewing candidates April 1 for the Director of Elementary Education replacing current Director Nancy Chopko, who is retiring, and for the Director of Secondary Education, an open position. Trustees were encouraged to contact Human Resources Director Rachelle Armstrong if they wanted to be involved in the process.

  • Legislative Update – Director of Community Relations Allison Westfall briefly reviewed legislation that the district was following including: Literacy, School Safety, and Changes to Continuous Improvement Plan. Superintendent Peterson reviewed the district’s support of Innovation Schools legislation including his participation in testifying in favor of the bill in state legislative committee.

  • Open Enrollment Update – Superintendent Peterson updated the Board on plans to make Open Enrollment more flexible for parents including expanding the opportunity to apply to transfer a child to another school and publicizing the opportunity to choose a school. The change will start with elementary in 2016-17 and expand to secondary in 2017-18.

  • Charter Schools – Superintendent Peterson shared that the district expects to see several hundred elementary students transfer from the district’s traditional elementary schools to spots available in the district’s charter schools next fall Idaho Arts Charter and Gem Prep. He reported that Gem Prep is attracting more students from other charter schools and from families who home school. More information will be available in April.

  • Computer Purchase/Lease Agreement – The Superintendent and Board discussed a plan to lease devices for the district’s digital conversion initiative. Leasing the device will provide a significant financial savings and allow for a regular replacement cycle. A recent Idaho Supreme Court decision clarified that districts can enter into multi-year leases that include options to end the agreement without penalty should funding end. Attorneys for the district reviewed the lease and prepared a resolution for the Board to authorize the lease. The lease is for $3.2 million and is supported by the district’s increased supplemental levy approved by votes and with state technology funding. The resolution was approved by the Board 5-0.

  • Monthly Budget Status Report – The Board is provided two monthly reports: Budget to Actual and Finance Report. Trustee Fuller asked the Board’s Treasurer and Finance Director Randy Dewey about the status of the district’s budget. Dewey reported no concerns and that expenditures were tracking as expected.

  • Monthly Expulsion Report – No discussion.

  • Out of State and Overnight Trips – No discussion.


The Board approved the following items:



Budget Development – Superintendent Peterson said the administration would like to schedule a work session in April to review the district’s budget development process and assumptions and the superintendent’s final budget guidelines for 2016-17.


Monitoring Report, Policy SL-2E: Organizational Continuity and Executive Succession – The Board discussed this report. It was noted that this report is one of 17 that is used to evaluate the Superintendent. The Board approved a motion that the Superintendent’s report was in compliance with the Policy SL-2E.


Policies monitored the previous month are scheduled for review each successive month.

Policy Review, Policy SL-2J Academic Standards and Practices – The Board discussed this policy and whether it should be provided on a different month. Possible revision of the policy will be discussed at the April meeting.

The Board approved the following revised polices:

The following policies were not revised by the Board and remain as written:


  • Nampa Education Association Report – No report.

  • Trustee Comments – No reports.

  • Board Assessment of Meeting – Trustee Otten rated the Board’s performance as satisfactory.

  • Executive Session – The Board adjourn into Executive Session with Superintendent Peterson, Human Resources Director Rachelle Armstrong, and Clerk Tammy Wallen to discuss two items:

    • to acquire an interest in real property which is not owned by a public agency and

    • to consider labor contract matters.

  • The Board resumed the meeting at 9:07 p.m. and adjourned.