June 2016

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the June 14, 2016 meeting. The next regular meeting will be July 12, 2016.


Budget Presentation

Superintendent David Peterson and Finance Director Randy Dewey provided the board with a detailed overview of the district’s projected revenues and expenses for the 2016-17 school year.  Information in the Board’s packet included the PowerPoint, Budget Memo and the district's Professional Development Plan. 

Innovation Schools

Superintendent Peterson provided some brief background on the schools.


Approval of Agenda – No changes were made to the agenda.

2016-17 Budget Hearing – No one signed up to speak on the budget.

Public Comments

18 individuals signed up to speak on the Innovation Schools agenda item and Chairman Brian McGourty let them know they would be called to speak when that item was reached. Speakers would have 3 minutes to address the Board and were encouraged to not repeat information.

Trustee Comments

  • Trustee Simpson shared she attended a community meeting on innovation schools.
  • Trustee Fuller shared he had met with Nampa Education Association members recently. He also met with Union High School Principal Carleen Schnitker and visited Union High School. He reported that he had seen the new high school device for students, a Dell Latitude.

Superintendent Update

Revenue Anticipation Note – The Board approved a resolution for this $3.5 million note.

Logo Update – Superintendent Peterson reported that the district wrapped up gathering feedback on three designs and will continue working with Peppershock Media to finalizing the new logos.

Digital Learning Update

Superintendent Peterson introduced Gregg Russell, of Northwest Nazarene University’s Doceo Center. Russell is serving as project manager for the district’s Personalized Learning Initiative. He shared a video update of the project which is made possible thanks to the community’s support for an increased supplemental levy.

Innovation Schools Agreement Approval

Chairman McGourty called for public comment at this time and 18 individuals addressed the Board. Six spoke against the schools and 12 spoke in favor of the schools. After the testimony, Superintendent Peterson addressed questions and concerns raised in the testimony. Trustees discussed the schools and asked Superintendent Peterson questions about both proposed schools.

The Board voted 3-1 to approve the agreement for conversion of Union High School to an innovation school in 2016-17.

The Board voted 3-1 to approve the agreement for the establishment of the Treasure Valley Leadership Academy as an innovation school with it serving students starting in 2017-18.

Monthly Budget Status Report – No discussion on the Budget to Actual and May Financial reports

Monthly Expulsion Report – No discussion on this item.

Out-of-state and Overnight Trips – No discussion on this item.

2016-17 Budget Adoption – The Board approved the 2016-17 Budget 4-0.


The Board approved its consent agenda which included

  • Minutes Regular Board Meeting – May 20, 2016
  • Monthly Personnel Report
  • Accounts Payable and Student Activity Fund Reports
  • Enrollment Report
  • Canyon County Statement of Receipts – April 29, 2016
  • Preston Capell Loan Recommendations
  • Equipment Use for Football Camps
  • Nampa High School 2016-17 Activity Schedule
  • Skyview High School 2016-17 Activity Schedule
  • Columbia High School 2016-17 Activity Schedule
  • Leadership Premium Awards
  • Idaho Arts Charter Performance Indicator Metrics


Monitoring Reports, Policy SL-2B Treatment of Staff and SL-2K District Calendar – No discussion on these reports and the Board voted 4-0 to find the Superintendent complied with both policies. The Board will review these policies for potential changes in July.


Policy #2130 Research Studies – The Board finalized adoption of this policy with a 4-0 approval.

Policy SL-2H Communication and Support to the Board – The Board will review this policy at its July meeting.


Nampa Education Association – NEA President Shannon O’Donnell introduced herself and the NEA Executive Team which includes Vice President Terri Bently, Secretary Andrea Wallin, Treasurer Kim Emerson, and Membership Secretary Michelle Tanberg.


Chairman McGourty complimented the Board on its work.

Trustee Simpson shared that trustees consider issues that have lasting impacts and she takes the work as a trustee seriously.


Trustee Otten completed the assessment and rated the Board’s work as satisfactory.


The Board voted 4-0 to convene into Executive Session. The Board returned to open session at 10 p.m.

Authorization to Issue 2016-2017 Certified Contract

The Board voted 4-0 to authorized the district to issue contracts for the 2016-17 school year in compliance with Idaho law. The contracts amounts will be based on the 2015-16, with the exception of beginning certified staff pay which will increase to the required minimum pay.