July 2016


Board Report

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the July 12, 2016 meeting. The next regular meeting will be Aug. 9, 2016.


Thought Exchange Presentation – Jen Reilly of Thought Exchange provided an overview of major themes identified in the district’s recent parent and staff community engagement about our schools and district.

4000 Series Policies – Director of Community Relations Allison Westfall provided a brief overview of 21 policies that will be presented to the Board of Trustees for a first reading in August. Policies include:

4105 – Public Participation in Board Meetings

4110 – Public Complaints

4120 – Uniform Grievance Procedure

4140 – Visitors to Schools

4150 – Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities

4160 – Notices to Parents Required by NCLB

4200 – School Support Organizations

4210 – Community Use of Facilities

4230 – Distribution of Materials

4250 – Education Research in District Schools

4260 – Records

4300 – Conduct on School Property

4310 – Contact with Students

4320 – Disruption of School Operations

4400 – Relations with the Law Enforcement and Child Protection Agencies

4410 – Investigations and Arrests by Police

4420 – Sex Offenders

4500 – Public Gifts/Donations to Schools

4510 – Public Gifts to the Schools: Donations of Materials/Equipment Affecting Building Structure or Maintenance

4520 – Students Soliciting Accepting Grants or Donations

4600 – Volunteers Assistance


Approval of Agenda – No changes were made to the agenda.

Board Re-Organization – Each July the Board of Trustees holds its annual meeting to determine officers and other actions including:

  • Elected Trustee Mike Fuller as Chairman
  • Elected Trustee Mandy Simpson as Vice Chairman
  • Appointed Randy Dewey as Treasurer of the Board
  • Appointed Tammy Wallen as Clerk of the Board
  • Set the second Tuesday of the month as its regular meeting day
  • Designated official posting of notices as the district website, Nampa High School, Columbia High School, Skyview High School, and the district office
  • Appointed Trustees Simpson and Janelle Stauffer to the Preston Capell Loan Committee


Public Comments

No one signed up to speak.

Trustee Comments

Trustees Stauffer and Simpson thanked Trustees McGourty and Otten for their service the past year as chairman and vice chairman of the board.

Superintendent Update


New Leaders

Superintendent David Peterson introduced three new leaders and asks them to share their background with the Board:


Executive Director of Secondary Education Scott Parker


Executive Director of Elementary Education Gerald Williams, and


Nampa High School Principal Diana Molino.

District logo

Superintendent Peterson shared the district has a finalized its new logo and shared the design with trustees. The logo reflects feedback received from the community and staff in online surveys and in person discussions. He noted that colors from all of the district’s high schools are found in the logo. (Blue from Nampa; silver & gray from Skyview and Union; and gold from Columbia.)

Continuous Improvement Plan – Superintendent Peterson reported that work is under way on the district’s 2016-17 Continuous Improvement Plan. The Key Work remains the same, but the specific work under the plan changes. It was noted that law requires the administration and Board to collaborate on the plan, but does not require Board approval of the plan.  

Skyview High School Pedestrian Improvements –  Director of Community Relations Allison Westfall reported that thanks to a grant the City will be improving the crosswalk on Greenhurst Road near Chestnut Road at the entrance to Skyview High School. The project will require no matching funds and is slated to done during the first part of the school year. Information on crosswalk improvements near Nampa High School will be provided later this year.

Pathways in Education Charter Petition – Superintendent Peterson said the district is working with a group interested in starting a charter school. The school is expected to serve high school students who need an alternative program to successfully graduate.

Monthly Budget Status Report – No discussion on this item or the revenue expense graph.

Monthly Expulsion Report – No discussion on this item.

Out of State and Overnight Trip Approval Report – No discussion on this item.


The Board approved its consent agenda which included


Trustee McGourty updated the Board on progress toward planning a Board training on policy governance supported by state funding for school boards.


Superintendent Peterson briefly discussed the annual SL-2M Mandatory Policies Monitoring Report. The Board voted that the Superintendent complied with this expectation.


The Board reviewed two Superintendent Limitations Policies SL-2H Communication and Support to the Board and SL-2K District Calendar. Trustees Simpson and Stauffer asked the administration to consider modifying the policy to include \two work days after grading periods for certified staff and that the calendar process be modified to gather more stakeholder feedback on calendar options. Superintendent Peterson said he would revise the policies and bring them back for Board review in August.


Nampa Education Association – No one was present to report.


Chairman McGourty complimented the Board on its work.

Trustee Stauffer read a comment texted by Trustee Fuller who was not able to attend the meeting but sent a response after learning he was elected Chairman. The comment was: "I'm excited to help out in any way I can and appreciate the vote of confidence. These four other trustees are fantastic to work with and are fantastic at working together and with Superintendent Peterson to do all we can to help prepare the kids in the Nampa School District be best prepared for the next stage of life."


Trustee McGourty completed the assessment and rated the Board’s work as satisfactory.


The Board voted 4-0 to convene into Executive Session. The Board returned to open session and adjourned.