October 2015

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is a summary of the most recent meeting which was Oct. 13, 2015.  The next regular meeting will be Nov. 10, 2015.



Curriculum Audit Progress


The Assistant Superintendent Nicole MacTavish provided an overview of key findings from the Curriculum Audit conducted last winter by the team from the International Curriculum Audit Center of Phi Delta Kappa. She also identified work under way to address the findings.

ISBA Resolutions


Three trustees: Mandy Simpson, Mike Fuller and Janelle Stauffer will participate in the Idaho School Board Association’s annual conference in November. At the conference, participants will vote on resolutions that the ISBA would support during the upcoming Legislative session.  The trustees discussed the 12 resolutions but did not vote on them. Here are the resolutions:


  1. Public Notice Alternatives

  2. Election Signature Consistency

  3. Local Option Tax for Construction -- Discussed

  4. Property Discussion 

  5. Parental Rights

  6. Extra Day Contracts -- Discussed

  7. Medicaid

  8. Evaluation Timeline -- Discussed

  9. Districts with Remote Schools

  10. Beyond the SBAC – Discussed

  11. Public Works Construction

  12. Past Job Priority




No changes were made to the published agenda.




Four people sign up to talk about the Gem Prep Charter petition. Comments were deferred until the agenda item was reached.



Trustee Otten asked if computers could be provided for trustees to review agenda materials during the Board meeting, instead of trustees using personal computers.


Trustee Fuller welcomed attendees.




Ends Policy Reporting – E-2B – Scholastic Achievement -- Assessment Administrator Anita Christenson presented an overview of the report which includes graduation rates, rates of access to advance opportunities in the district, college “go on” rates, etc.


Innovation Schools — Assistant Superintendent MacTavish shared with trustees that the district administration was researching “Innovation School” models. Innovation Schools in other states are allowed to waive state requirements and operate with autonomy. The district administration is working with some lawmakers and state association.


Monthly Budget Status Report  — Trustee McGourty asked about the salary expenditures. Finance Director Randy Dewey reported the expenditures did not reflect pay increases. Those would appear in future budget reports after approval of the Master Contract by the Board.




Trustees approved the consent agenda which included the following items:






2014-2015 Fiscal Year Audit 


Director of Finance Randy Dewey provided a brief overview FY2015 Overview of the FY2015 Audit and FY2015 Supplemental Levy Audit. The Board accepted the Audits.


2015-15 Master Contract


The Board approved the 2015-2016 Master Contract. Nampa Education Association President Kris Carte reported the NEA had ratified the contract.

Gem Prep Charter Reconsideration


The Board approved a new charter school for district  called Gem Prep. The school will open in 2016-17 and serve students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The school will add grade levels and ultimately serve students in K-12. Three individuals spoke in favor of the Gem Prep Charter Petition. Another individual asked about the school’s plan to meet county requirements for one of its potential locations. Trustees discussed the potential location of the school and a desire expressed by the city that the school be located at another site. Trustees also discussed a possibility of housing the charter in one of the district’s buildings.


Waiver of Credit Requirements

The Board approved this request to allow for a slight reduction in the 60-hour seat-time requirement to earn high school credit.  The change allows Columbia High School to implemental a plan to provide students intervention and enrichment time during the regular school day.


Revision of Board Policy #10010 School Campuses; Middle School & High School


The Board suspended its rules and approved this change in policy on the first reading. The Policy was changed to provide the Superintendent the discretion to work with high schools on a case-by-case basis to allow qualified students to leave campus for lunch. Columbia asked for the flexibility to compress lunch times, so interventions may be provided for students during the regular school day.  


Ends Policy Review


The Board approved a motion that the superintendent had interpreted the policy and provided baseline data in compliance with E-2C – Scholastic Achievement Policy.