Your Levy Dollars at Work

Students cheering at football game

The Nampa School District relies on our community to provide programs and opportunities not paid for by state general fund dollars. Supplemental levies allow the district to augment student activities such as music and athletics, update curriculum, improve school facilities, and support teachers.

2016-2018 Supplemental Levy

In 2015, voters approved a two-year, $7.78 million-per-year supplemental levy to help pay for 35 instructors, add 14 more school days, support Nampa Personalized Learning, and provide band uniforms, athletic equipment and other student-activity needs. An outside auditor ensures that funds are spent as voters directed. Below is a snapshot of supplemental levy expenditures for 2016-2017.

Restoring 14 days certified/5 days classified                           $2,180,000
35 teachers                                                                                  1,750,000
Curriculum allocation                                                                 2,000,000
Nampa Personalized Learning                                          1,535,000

Elementary ($2,000 for each school)                                      32,000
                        NHS band uniforms                                                 75,000
                        Other music/choir, including the following:            64,000
                                    Timpani set ($18,602)
                                    String bass ($1,450)
                                    Tuba ($3,118)
                                    Tuba ($3,590
                                    Marching baritone ($3,617)
                                    Viola ($730)

Athletics – including the following                                                139,000
            Soccer uniforms, Skyview ($2,121)
            Boys soccer uniforms, Skyview ($692)
            Basketball jerseys, Skyview ($1,900)
            Boys basketball uniforms, Columbia ($4,200)
            Football uniforms, Skyview ($10,166)
            Football uniforms, Columbia ($8,000)
    Football helmet reconditioning - Nampa, Columbia
Skyview, West, Lone Star, South and East
Volleyball uniforms, Skyview ($1,300)
    Football pants, Nampa ($3,073)
    Helmet reconditioning, Skyview ($2,536)
    Pole vault pit, Nampa ($18,500)
    High jump pit, Columbia ($7,200)
    Wrestling mat, West ($7,000)
    Cheer mat, Nampa ($5,500)

Other                                                                                                   5,000

Total                                                                                            $7,780,000         

Expenditures for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted after the end of the school year.