Quick Facts


In a community that provides a rich selection of choice in K-12 education including charter schools, private schools, and virtual schools, the majority of parents choose Nampa School District and its comprehensive program for their children.

STUDENTS - We serve about 14,500 students - pre-K through 12th grade

  • 70% White
  • 25% Hispanic
  • 7% Other (Native American, Black, Asian, etc.)
  • 68% Qualify for free or reduced price lunch
  • 895 English Language Learners
  • 1,400 Qualify for special education
  • 1,360 Qualify as homeless
  • 220 Qualify as migrant

SCHOOLS/PROGRAMS - We serve these students in:

  • 14 elementary schools (including a dual language magnet school)
  • 4 middle schools
  • 3 high schools each with high quality career technical programs
  • 1 alternative "Big Picture" innovation high school
  • 1 career technical school
  • 3 special education programs - preschool, Gateways, Prep
  • 3 district-authorized charter schools:
    • Idaho Arts Charter
    • Gem Prep Academy
    • Pathways in Education (opening fall 2017)
  • Coming 2017-18: Treasure Valley Leadership Academy!

EMPLOYEES - We are Canyon County’s largest employer. We employ more than 849 certified staff; 48 administrators; 384 classified staff; and 345 substitutes and contribute to the local workforce through contracts with Brown Bus Co. for busing; GCA for custodial services; Nampa Police Department for school resource officers; and with companies such as Chatterbox for speech language services.

OTHER - We have
2.3 million square feet of space
62,300 acres or 99 square miles in our district boundaries
612 acres is owned by the district
13,500 meals on average served daily in the district

FUNDING - For 2016-17, we expect to receive about $73 million in state general funding support and a $7.78 million local supplemental levy.