Personalized Learning

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Incoming Columbia freshmen learn about devices

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Willow Creek families pick up devices. Click and watch the video

Thanks to patron support of an increased supplemental levy, the Nampa School District will improve teaching and learning through a Nampa Personalized Learning initiative. 

This initiative will roll out in three phases with teachers receiving extensive training and support and students receiving devices to use in their classrooms and at home.

The first phase will be in 2016-17 and includes Central, Endeavor, Lake Ridge, New Horizons and Willow Creek Elementary School, and Columbia High School.  Our other schools will join in the next two years.

Our Vision for Personalized Learning in Nampa

District and school leaders identified the vision for the Nampa's Personalized Learning initiative and its  four key components: integrated digital content, targeted instruction, data driven decisions,  and student reflection and ownership.


Teacher Support

Essential to the initiative's success is providing all teachers a common framework for innovative instruction called HACK during the next three years. Ongoing HACK training is provided by NNU's Doceo Center. 


Here is a short video overview of the project.